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Colossalcon wrap-up

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 10, 2014, 6:25 AM
All things considered, this was probably the best con I've been to in a while. A lot of the time I end up losing at Game of Phones and spend a lot of time running solo, but this year, despite the Game of Phones, I actually had people to hang with for the vast majority of the con, which was a really pleasant change. Low points were missing my panel because they moved the time without telling me, the botched rehearsal for masquerade skits, general difficulties with communication, and some Sunday packing drama (which I hope is cleared up, blergh).

I was able to finish what I needed to of Leafa on Friday before I went to Michigan to meet up with Koalois and MischievousMelody . Got everything prepped for my sewing panel while Kinder finished Mikasa and Darcy finished Captain America, and then we finally hit the hay around 3 (again whyyy). Rolled out early Friday morning, got Starbucks and a couple of groceries, and then hit the road. We got to Kalahari about 10am, which meant rushing to unload the car and speedily getting into Ember. I was a little late to my panel, unfortunately, because I had to get my badge and then couldn't find my freaking panel room, but there was a good turn out and people stuck around to finish working in the hallway when we got booted by the 12pm panel. After that was the Danny Phantom photoshoot, which had a surprisingly good turn out. It was nice to see rawien and PokeTheWolf  for a bit! Ember is fun to wear, so you'll probably see more of her.

After that, I got help from Darcy, veriedian, and KonTheHeartless to move all of the stuff I'd left in their room over to ours (Seriously thank you so much again) and then filmed with Allie for a bit before I changed into Yang. The RWBY photoshoot went well and had a great turnout, and I learned about AHWU. Wandered for a bit with people before changing into my kigu to go have skit rehearsal. We ended up swapping out the fourth person that night, but everything came together pretty well for having learned it on the spot in 2 hours!

Saturday morning was hecka rough. Rehearsal/sound check for the masquerade was pretty much awful, as two of my skit group overslept and showed up an hour late--at which point the second person was unable to return from the Artists' Alley--so yeah... Much panic. So cry. Wow. We were able to get a run-through during green room, so everything turned out okay. After the drama-filled rehearsal, I went to my panel to find they had moved it on me without saying anything. I went to con-ops to tell them that I was, in fact, not a no-show, so that got cleared up and I then ran the panel in the hallway to a small group of people who stuck around for me. <3

After that, I went back to the room, sewed the snaps onto my armor, and got into Leafa. I was almost late for my judging appointment oops. Put my wings on, had my judging, and then went to the SAO photoshoot, where I was the only Leafa :3 Got to briefly hang out with Kibbo-Tenshi in her Titania cosplay :D The rest of the afternoon was kind of slow after that--I took a life break to eat something and chatted with a couple of people outside the cafe before green room. The masquerade went well--my skit was well-received despite our hiccups. We received a Judge's Award (which was hecka awesome, since none of us have ever done Performance before) and I received 2nd place for the Masters craftsmanship division--I'm still a little bit in shock, but I'm very proud of myself :3 Saturday night, I jumped in the pool after I met up with Kinder, Allie, and sora--iro (and whomever else was there that I can't remember.. Claudia?) and then changed into my kigu to hang out. Met up with a couple of con friends, drank a little, filmed with Allie and Claudia for a bit, and discovered that I really want red glasses. :)

We're not going to talk about Sunday morning, because it was kinda.. yeah. Everyone was starting to get a little frazzled by this point. I wore Vanellope, and we hit the Dealer's room after checkout. I found the Ice version Vocaloid Lily figure--heyoooo upcoming cosplay--and a little nemuneko plushie, which is now in my car. We hit the waterpark after that, though there was a lot of miscommunication and I wasn't able to hang out with everyone :( After that, we got Sonic and headed home and back to mun life.

I'm going to take a break from competing at Colossalcon next year and just have a relaxed va-con-tion with everyone next year. I'm thinking about doing a swimmable Goldeen gijinka. And of course Kinder, Darcy and my secret trolling cosplay.

The rest of my convention season is as follows:
- Glass City Con at the end of July. I'm hoping to make Annie Leonhardt to go along with the SnK group, and will be wearing Yang the other day. I've submitted for a couple of panels, and also am honored to have been contacted to be a masquerade judge :D
- After GCC is Matsuri, which Kinder and I'll probably go only for Saturday
- Midoricon after that. I'll be competing in performance with Suki from AtLA, which I'm really excited about.
- Youmacon, where I'll be competing with Yase (and maybe Vespalady as my Koto) for Masters (eep big leagues man).

Lineups are pretty much up in the air other than the specific mentions. I hope to see some of you throughout the rest of the year! <3

- Owl

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What's your next con? 

5 deviants said Glass City Con
2 deviants said Matsuricon
2 deviants said Midoricon
2 deviants said Youmacon


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huh, you are a gorgeous thing :] seeing some of your pics from VideoGameStupid, hope you dont mind me watching <3
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haruhi78 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
help, i will be doing a booth at animarathon, and do you think maybe 8-10 prints is enough? or do i need more? and i just dont know how much of everything i should make
StrigineSensibility Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'd also say maybe do a couple of different sizes :)
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StrigineSensibility Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hmmm depends on what the prints are. Fanant things I'd say probably 10 is good, original art you'll probably need less just because people don't usually go for things they don't recognize.
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